Greetings. My name is Lawrence Koss and in company with a good friend (who prefers to remain anonymous for a bit), we are pleased to share some thoughts and feelings of EarthAsOne.

A little note here of what this is all about … i.e., how it begins with Earth as our common heritage which surely unites us all.

As people, we look differently, speak differently, and even think differently around the world and even in our neighborhoods.  Yet, despite our innumerable differences … we share a commonality.

Can you feel it?  

It is a principle core to successful personal interactions, transactions, negotiations, learning, etc.  We speak of our “Oneness” as humanity.  Indeed, despite our innumerable individualities … in the larger realm, we truly are ONE as humanity!”

And, yes, absent of its full recognition, we may ultimately not survive.

So, it is from this commonality that EarthAsOne seeks to offer initiatives that may uplift community. The purpose of this site is thus to serve as an inspiration for community-based programs. You can read of some in the Programs Menu.

As you do, if so inspired, please share this site w/others. Too, you may wish to explore the Participation page to share ideas of how you might join in furthering recognition, acceptance, and implementation of our Earth As One. Too, you may enjoy the blog postings and possibly contribute. Join us. Dialogue is healthy!

In closing, for those who may resonate … I find myself wondering now that “if” as it is said … “the Great Omnipotent Divinity is everything that every thing that ever was, is and ever shall be” … it would seem we have an opportunity in every moment to remember and embrace “everyone” (including “ourselves”) as that very Essence … i.e. to feel, grow and embrace the Divine in the “oneness” of all that we are, despite challenges to remember. True?