We are delighted to offer this initiative as it evolves from a deep love of supporting children, communities and who we are here on Earth. 

Its passion for me actually arose from service as a junior camp counselor at 14 y.o. and nanny at 19 years old of my USMC commanding officer’s three children (one in diapers, one middle school, one high school) – this beginning followed by a number of residential and public school opportunities to serve youth and community.

Amid these, a high school position to evolve a “Life Education” program in a 1200 student high school led to 14% reduction of discipline issues in the first year.  Development of a K-8 wellness curricula titled “Lifelong Health Habits” followed as did a similar initiative for Y camps titled “Building Wellness Lifestyles”.

The 1998 Thurston HS and 1999 Columbine HS shootings lead to some interest in dynamics of campus unrest, under-achievement, self-harm and violence in society. This query included, of course, the role of public education in these behaviors from which a treatise titled “The Real 1st R – Relationship and other initiatives endeavoring to address societal violence evolved. 

Among them, papers titled … “Beyond Blaming Kids for Bullying: Addressing Systemic Bullying in Society” and “Re-defining Policing” followed. The latter proposes a contextual change from “policing” to “Departments of Peace and Public Safety” wherein suitably-trained officers engage their communities driving vehicles labeled “Peace OfficerversusPolice.”  (Indeed, how wonderful it has been to learn most states require officers to be authorized as a “peace officer” before acting in the role of “policing”!)

The above seemed to evolve a primary interest in fostering much-needed systems-level changes from which genuine safety, personal, community and global wellbeing arise. 

Prominent among these is to redirect global patriarchy hopefully via program initiatives described here.  This said, our focus on Wisdom from the Mouths of Babes” suggests a potent “trimtab” to which we eagerly invite visitors to explore and participate. 

Indeed, with heartfelt respect, are we not at a point now in which we need to redefine the underlying context of how we live as an Earth-bound family?  Might this point of “redefinition” principally include an understanding that “community” is a function of “balance, integrity and heartfeltness” … and might our commitment to these be instrumental in literally saving humanity and the Earth?

Thank you for visiting and please feel free to engage with us at EarthAsOne.

lawrence koss