Wisdom From The Mouth Of Babes

wisdom from the mouth of babes

May we imagine millions of children throughout all nations and ages (including 7-year-old Bana Alabed below) with moms and dads in tow joined by media from around the world capturing for the first time in history an ongoing series of global events wherein children fearlessly address their nation’s leaders looking them straight in the eye as they proclaim …           

“No more warsThis is our generation.  No more wars!”

THIS is wisdom from the mouth of babes in the making!

wisdom from the mouth of babes

The photo above is of Bana Alabed who at 7 began tweeting photos of being bombed in Aleppo, Syria! Taught English by her mom at 3, this courageous little girl with mom’s help tweeted messages of the siege of Aleppo.  Indeed, the last of the series was her own home!  In doing so, the courageous heart and message of this little girl and her mom reached around the world – INCLUDING the desks of Syria’s President Assad, Russia’s President Putin and America’s President “Donald Trump! 


Without question, it is time to end warring and the unspeakable pain and tragedies it entails for people and our Earth as a whole. “Wisdom From The Mouth of Babes” is dedicated to this goal.

To this end, we must recognize that war and the inherent drive for “domination” in politics, commerce, etc. arise from patriarchy. Too, that patriarchy … derived as it has from male insecurity … cannot redirect itself given its very existence is immersed in a prevailing need to control.

This said, while certainly grateful for the growing increase of women in positions of leadership, we must recognize still that today’s vast disproportion of men over women in senior leadership … arising as it has from a millennial history of male domination yet to be resolved … signals women alone are challenged to effectively redirect today’s male-dominated paradigm near term.

Yet amidst today’s unprecedented level of global jeopardy “near term” redirection is essential, is it not?

We suggest that perhaps a pivotally potent “trim-tab” sufficient to redirect today’s present leadership lies with our children. Yes, via the “wisdom from the mouths of our babes.”

Imagine a globally viral, crowd-funded, nonprofit initiative supported by renown spiritual leaders, philanthropists, celebrities, NPOs, media, etc. by which millions of children throughout the world (with moms and conscious dads in tow) stand face-to-face (indeed, “eye-to-eye”) with the leaders of their nations conveying … No more wars! This is our generation!  Let peace prevail and Earth Be As One!”

“Is this initiative political”? … two public school administrators recently asked upon hearing of this proposal?

Hardly! This initiative, inspired by the extraordinary courage and heart of Bana and her mom amid an arra of youth initiatives, reflects the very core of where we should be as a humanity!

Indeed, it should ALSO reflect the very core of public education in any nation versus what is today termed “industrial education” even among this nation’s doctoral programs in educational leadership.

We need to “wake up” now if we are to save Earth and our growing mass of humanity. And we need to do it without playing games or hiding behind politicized constraints. Wisdom From The Mouth of Babes is a program dedicated to this end.

INDEED, if we have a “prayer” of surviving, we need to muster our courage to do the “right thing” to protect today’s youth as our next generation.

Suffice to say … “More and more of our children seem to be calling for change!  Are we stepping up enough as grown-ups”?

Here we invite you to enjoy some other inspired youth, who in addition to Bana Alabed, are stepping forward to help lead our world in a healthier direction.

Below are a number of videos of youth and adults “singing” in behalf of the healthier world we seek to foster.  These will be followed by a number of potent news items of youth leadership with links to their associated articles  and videos .  We hope you will explore each!

To begin, may we enjoy five-year-old Heavenly Joy Jerkins singing at the 2016 Republican National Convention “Let There Be Peace on Earth” and “America The Beautiful“.

Next, a concert of children in their homelands throughout the world singing … “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!” … followed by a Michael Jackson team of treasured celebrities singing “USA For Africa” … itself followed by two dozen others!

Finally, when disasters hit, we come together to help do we not?  Here is Jamie Fox introducing a new version of Michael Jackson’s “We Are The World“.  Viewing this, might we feel inspired to help in a way that nurtures our hearts along with so many others? 

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