Heart Meditation

Would like to share this truly moving heart meditation by Tsikki Thau titled “The Heart Beat”.  Tis’ a 45 minute mpg I find quite relaxing. 

Others who have used this audio guided meditation have found it very special as well. One commented … I have always had hard time meditating and thought I would never be able to do it on my own. This meditation showed me otherwise. The teacher’s voice is so calm and soothing and her energy is so loving. The first time I did the Heartbeat meditation was a life changing experience. I was left with such an amazing feeling and a light heart. Since then, I do it on a daily basis and love it even more. 

Another … A meditation that I can listen to anytime anywhere! I love this meditation to help me destress and connect to my heart and spirit. It uplifts me whenever I need and is my go to soundtrack all the time.” And yet another … This amazing soundscape and guided meditation will take you to a place of relaxation and heart expansion. It has clear, concise and easy instructions that anyone can follow. Whether it is on your drive to work or before you go to sleep you can listen to this soundtrack to connect to your heart!”

Try it yourself. Click audio link….and connect to your heart….

Heart Meditation

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